Farmin' Products


At Farmin, we source the best produce that the local region has to offer. If it is in season locally, we will have it! From sweet potatoes, to tomatoes, and apples to pumpkins. All fresh and all local. Many items are sourced directly from our two farm operations in Brunswick County, NC at Ludlum’s Produce and Prospect Farms. We also have a collection of other farmers we work with in the area to supplement items that we do not grow.


Fresh off the docks! That’s our Farmin’ motto when it comes to seafood. What was swimming yesterday could be on your plate today. We work with local fishermen in order to source the best seafood of the coastal waters of the southeastern United States. Brought in fresh daily and cleaned, fillet and prepared by our Farmin’ team. Seafood never tasted so good!

Bakery "Nanny's Stock" 

Remember going to grandmas as a kid and being overwhelmed by the smells of the fresh baked apple pie she pulled out of the oven? Your mouth waters just thinking about it. The Farmin’ bakery puts those old memories to shame with our very own bakery brand, "Nanny's Stock." Armed with a team of bakers, the Farmin’ bakery works daily to create fresh breads, pastries, cakes, pies, confections and more. All delicious and all with a southern flar

Dairy & Cheese

1-2 servings a day? Who are they kidding. With dairy and cheese this good, you may just want to have it with every meal. Sourced from a number of partners in the Carolina’s, Farmin’ provides some of the freshest and most delicious tasting dairy and cheese items that you will have eat. How about glass bottled milks from Maple View farms in Hillsborough, or cheese wheels from Ashe County Cheeses in North Carolina. When it comes to dairy and cheese it just doesn’t get any better than this.


There is nothing like wrapping your hands around a big juicy burger. Or sitting down to a fancy meal and slowly cutting into a butter soft filet. At Farmin’ we take pride in our meats because we know how important they are to our customers. That is why we have a team of full service butchers on hand to break down different meats into cuts that customers can enjoy. Call us old fashioned but we think its important.

Kitchen & Deli

All of the Farmin’ departments come together in the Kitchen. Farmin’ breads, produce items and cheeses help to create fresh sandwiches, soups and salads.