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Farmin's Gettin' Fat

Wilmington, N.C. -

It has been said before that "Fat is where it is at!" This obviously is in reference to Fat Tony's Italian Pub in Wilmington, N.C.  Fat Tony's has been a long staple on Front Street in downtown Wilmington. Known for terrific food in a wood soaked atmosphere, Fat Tony's is the quintessential Italian comfort food restaurant.
There is no better way to wash down a great meal than with a tall cool beverage. Fat Tony's wide selections of local and regional beers helps create the perfect pairings for their wide array of menu items. And with the season turning warmer, and the days getting longer, there is no better way to enjoy one of these beverages than to sit out on the outdoor patio overlooking the Cape Fear River.
Farmin' is excited to announce our recent partnership with Fat Tony's! Bringing them a selection of fresh produce items for their team to work with will help to create fabulous dishes for their customers. We recognize the rich history Fat Tony's has in the Wilmington region and take responsibility in sourcing only the best ingredients that patrons have become accustom to. Let's just say, Farmin' is fat and proud of it!



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