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Farmin' Launches "Nanny's Stock" Bakery

Wilmington, NC -

Farmin’, Wilmington’s leader in locally- sourced food distribution, announced today the opening of their wholesale bakery operation, Nanny’s Stock. The bakery will offer true southern classic treats, including pies, cakes, pastries, confections, biscuits and breads. The Farmin’ wholesale division, Farmin’ Exchange, currently services 100+ local restaurants, country clubs, retirement communities and local schools and is looking to implement the bakery items from Nanny’s Stock into the current client database.
The bakery operation will be located at Farmin’s Creative Campus, where every item will be made in house and delivered directly to the customer. Farmin’ cooked up the bakery division under direction from Randy Tugwell, Farmin’s Culinary Innovations Director. Randy and Head Baker, Wayne Scribner, have been collaborating to develop recipes and are able to customize bakery items based on what each client needs.
“Wayne and I are excited about our core offerings, and look forward to expanding those offerings in the future,” Randy Tugwell said. “Stay tuned for our ever-changing menu and seasonal items.”
Randy Tugwell oversees the Farmin’ Creative Production Departments, and is currently working hard to build the “Taste of Farmin’.” 



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